Verdad Magazine — Killing Bert

Tanya Frank - Verdad

Killing Bert is a story about memory, about secrets and child sexual abuse. Published in Verdad, Volume 19, Fall 2015. Click the title link to open the webpage; click the image for a readable PDF.          …

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Lumina — Greysville

Tanya Frank - Portfolio - Lumina Sarah Lawrence

Greysville is an excerpt from my memoir that shows life for me as a pubescent girl growing up on Chingford Hall Estate. Published in Lumina: the Sarah Lawrence College Literary Journal, 2012.                …

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Kissing Buba — Film

Tanya Frank - Kissing Buba

Kissing Buba (2000) This was my first foray into writing for the screen. Based upon my childhood visit to my immigrant Russian grandmother, the film, starring Miriam Karlin (A Clockwork Orange 1971) was shown on Anglia TV and film festivals…

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